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Public Art – LAX 9/11 Memorial 



  • 9/11 Memorial Artwork Fact Sheet
    Memorial Exhibit 
    Memorial Exhibit 
    Memorial Exhibit 
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    To memorialize September 11, 2001, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and Cultural Affairs Department officials unveiled and dedicated a permanent art piece at LAX. The artwork is located in LAX's historical Theme Building, 201 World Way.

    "Our airport was tragically linked to the terrorists attacks on our nation, as three of the four hijacked flights were bound for LAX," said Kim Day, LAWA Interim Executive Director. "It is fitting and meaningful to memorialize the day and its tremendous impacts with this artwork here at LAX."

    Following a nationwide call for entries, the art and design team of BJ Krivanek and Joel Breaux was selected. They have created a thought-provoking piece called, "Recovering Equilibrium," which, shaped like a compass, features words and phrases that reflect national perceptions, rights and ideals. At night, the words are illuminated and will be projected onto the surrounding areas.

    Day added, "The text in this artpiece came from thoughts and ideas form community members in our surrounding airport areas and I thank those who participated and provided their valued input."

    Margie J. Reese, Cultural Affairs Department general manager, said, "The design of the artwork symbolically depicts our personal journey since the tragedy. We hope that each person will walk away with a unique experience. It has been a wonderful experience working with LAWA in promoting the arts at LAX."

    Artist and designer Krivanek and Breaux have also created public artworks in Los Angeles for the Police Dispatch Center and Palms Rancho Park Branch Library. Project consultation work was provided by Gruen and Associates.