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The Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX 

Bob Hope Hollywood USO 

Providing the USO’s famous “Touch of Home” to military travelers 

The Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX is one of the finest state-of-the-art USO Centers in the world. Open 24/7, this comfortable and welcoming “safe haven” for troops and their families is located on the Arrivals (lower) Level of LAX directly across the roadway and between Terminals One and Two.

The 4,000 square foot Center offers its famed “Hollywood Canteen” snack bar; a big-screen TV lounge with a library of thousands of Hollywood’s current and classic films; The General Jimmy Doolittle Lounge and free lending library; a full-service Internet Computer Center; A Disney inspired family room, a nap room with leather recliners where troops can catch a few winks between flights or remain overnight; secure luggage storage room; men’s and women’s restrooms and showers; an outdoor patio and barbeque and more.

The Center features a large display area honoring famed comedian and USO entertainer Bob Hope, complete with some of his stage “uniforms,” photos, awards and other memorabilia.

All services are provided without charge to military personnel and their families. Additional services include the free use of cell phones to call home; a team of volunteers to assist with onward transportation services; use of our nationwide fax service; short-term temporary parking for brief visits, passenger pick-up and delivery; free DVDs and music CDs from Operation DVD, as well as discount hotel reservations.

More than 50,000 troops and their families, as well as traveling military retirees, visit the Bob Hope Hollywood USO at LAX annually. This is the flagship operation of the USO-Greater Los Angeles Area, Inc., which also has a USO center at Ontario (CA) International Airport and a USO Lounge at Palm Springs International Airport.

Troops Arrived
When hundreds of troops arrive at a time. It's mayhem!
Like at the Original Canteen
Like at the original "Canteen" the troops love it here!
Internet Center
Troops use the Internet Center day and night
Marines over last piece of pie
Marines arm-wrestle for the last piece of pie!
BBQ Time
Bbq time for the Troops!
Barbeque Time
Bbq time for the Troops!

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Address: 203 World Way, Suite #200
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