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Required Forms & Insurance - Insurance FAQs 

Forms for Submission and/or Signature when Contracting with LAWA

Insurance: To be acquired only after bid has been awarded


1. When should I comply with the Insurance Requirements?

The Insurance Compliance Section is the first place to start if your proposal is accepted or you have been awarded the bid. You cannot perform any work for the Department without approved evidence of Insurance. Please be aware that if current evidence of insurance is not on file with the Insurance Compliance Section, invoices cannot be processed, badges cannot be issued and permits cannot be processed.


2. Are the evidence of insurance requirement the same for all LAWA airports?

Yes. Evidence of Insurance Requirements apply to all four City-Owned Airports: Van Nuys, Palmdale, Ontario and LAX.

3. What does LAWA consider as Acceptable Evidence of Insurance?


  1. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) special endorsement forms.

  2. Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance including the following:
    • An endorsement to the policy or ISO Form specifically naming LAWA as additional insured. Blanket endorsements are not acceptable. 
    • An endorsement to the policy or ISO Form adding a Waiver of Subrogation and specifically naming LAWA on the Schedule. Blanket endorsements are not acceptable. 
    • An endorsement to the policy or ISO Form indicating the underlying coverages along with the policy numbers for excess umbrellas.
    • A typewritten name of the Authorized Representative along with their signature on the certificate.

    A stamped “True and Certified” copy of your policies including wet ink signatures. The policy must also name LAWA as additional insured and include a Waiver of Subrogation.

4. Is there an added cost to completing the LAWA Special Endorsement Forms and to add Department of Airports as an Additional Insured

Yes. There maybe an added cost to completing our special endorsement forms and to add the Department of Airports as an Additional Insured. This fact should be considered when you are formulating your costs for the Bid or Proposal.

5. How can I get information on your insurance requirements?

An Insurance Requirement Sheet is included in the Proposal/Bid Package, which specifically outlines the types and amounts of coverage required.

6. Do I need to prepare more forms if I already have LAWA’s evidence of insurance?

No. If you already have current evidence of insurance with our Insurance Compliance Section it is not necessary to complete a new set of forms. Once documentation is in place you don’t need to go through the process again for each project. However, please check with our office to be sure that all coverages are current. Our office maintains a computerized record of your evidence of insurance.

7. What insurance companies are acceptable to LAWA?

Insurance companies must have a B or better rating and have a financial size of at least IV to be acceptable to LAWA. We use the A.M. Best Key Rating Guide as our reference.

8. For how long will I need the insurance coverage?

If you are awarded a contract, there will be a provision in your contract which specifically states that it is your responsibility to maintain current evidence of insurance in our files for the contract period.

9. How long does it take LAWA to process my evidence of insurance?

IT NORMALLY TAKES FIVE WORKING DAYS TO PROCESS INSURANCE DOCUMENTS. Please submit your complete evidence of insurance documents to the Insurance Compliance Section as soon as you are awarded the contract.

10. When should I complete the evidence of insurance?

Do Not Spend Any Money to meet the insurance requirements until you are awarded the contract by LAWA. Get an estimate or quote from your insurance agent or brokers and factor that into the bid/proposal you are preparing. Enclose a statement, on your company letterhead, which states that you have reviewed the insurance requirements and that you will provide the required evidence of insurance if you are awarded the contract.

11. Where can I obtain the Special Endorsements Forms?

The Insurance Compliance Section and the LAWA website at

12. Where is the Insurance Compliance Section located?

Administration West Building, 7301 World Way West, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone number, main line: (424) 646-5480

Public Counter Hours: 7:00-4:00 (Monday-Friday)

Do not forget to allow five or more working days to process your request.

For information on business opportunities at LAWA, access the Los Angeles City-wide website:  "Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network" We look forward to doing business with you!

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