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SWPP Stormwater Program
LAWA Stormwater Program

Effective July 1, 2015, the State of California’s Water Resources Control Board (Waterboard) required all permittees, including Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) to comply with the conditions of its new Industrial General Permit (IGP) in order to meet the provisions contained in Division 7 of the California Water Code and those of the federal Clean Water Act.

The new 2015 IGP aims to improve the water quality of the receiving waters of the US by requiring a more proactive approach to pollution prevention. All permittees, such as LAWA, are required to develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that includes monitoring activities, facilities and discharges within and from the airports to assess potential pollutant sources and take corrective actions.

Submissions, Questions, Comments and Concerns

Industrial Permit Somvang Meksavanh (424) 646-6492
Construction Permit Lisa Dugas (424) 646-6485

General Industrial Program
General Construction Program

SWPP Stormwater Program
Document References Date Uploaded
2009 Construction General Permit  
LAWA Construction SWPPP Guidance Manual December 2015
SMARTS Database  

General Industrial Program
General Industrial Program

SWPP Stormwater Program
Document References Date Uploaded
2015 Industrial General Permit  
LAX 2015 SWPPP September 2016
LAX Rules & Regulations August 2015
VNY 2015 SWPPP August 2016
VNY Rules & Regulations August 2015

SWPP Stormwater Program
Past Training Materials Date Uploaded
New Industrial General Permit Presentation May 2015
Annual SWPPP Training October 2015
Annual SWPPP Training June 2017

SWPP Stormwater Program
Additional BMP References Date Uploaded
LAX Rules & Regulations (Appendix 2) November 2015
California Storm Water Quality Association (CASQA) Handbook November 2015

SWPP Stormwater Program
Forms Date Uploaded
Dry Weather Observation Form November 2015
Instructions: Dry Weather Observation Form November 2015
Spill Form November 2015
Instruction: Spill Form November 2015
Chemical Inventory November 2015
Annual Facility Assessment Form - LAX December 2015
Annual Facility Assessment Form - VNY December 2015

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