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Tenant Location Terminal Address Phone
Authorized Taxicab Supervision (ATS)- taxicab management and dispatch services 9468 Alverstone Avenue
Bell Cab Company Yes 13030 Cerise Ave
Beverly Hills Cab Company Dispatch 6102 Venice Blvd.
City Cab Yes 7955 San Fernando Road
Independent Taxi Dispatch 700 N. Virgil Ave.
LA Checker Cab Yes 11003 South Hawthorne Blvd
United Checker Cab Yes 2129 W. Rosecrans Ave
United Independent Taxi Drivers (UITD) Yes 900 N. Alavarado St
United Taxi of San Fernando Valley (UTSFV) Yes 900 N. Alavarado St
Yellow Cab Yes Dispatch 2129 W. Rosecrans