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LAWA Rideshare
Green Corner

Choosing Ridesharing as part of your commute is one way to clean the air and help our local environment. The LAWA Vanpool Program alone saves over 5.4 million commute miles, which in turn reduces over 55,400 pounds (or 25 tons) of emissions. It also saves over 418,000 gallons of gasoline, plus thousands of dollars in insurance and vehicle depreciation costs, and countless frustrating hours on Southern California’s congested roads and freeways.

LAWA Rideshare realizes that this is just one piece in a much bigger puzzle of improving air quality and helping our local environment.

During this holiday season, remember to "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" whenever possible... especially when wrapping presents and disposing of trees... In the future, refer back to the LAWA Rideshare "Green Corner" to get updated tips, useful web links and important information, on other ways to clean the air and help the environment...

Hints on saving money and improve air pollution through smart transportation choices:

Suggestions from the Environmental Protection Agency on enjoying an evironmentally friendly holiday season:

Suggestions from the Natural Resources Defense Council on environmentally friendly gifts:

Information on renewable energy options:

Some of additional recommendations for environmentally-friendly AND transportation-related holiday (and anytime) gifts...

Solar-powered charger for cell phones, mp3 player, and batteries:

Self-powered radios, flashlights, and chargers:

Recycled gifts including accessories made with transit tokens and bags made with old seatbelts:

Recycled gifts including belts made with old seatbelts and bags made with old license plates:,10,23

If you have your own helpful hints or recommendations, please share them with our office so that we can share them with others!