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LAX West Aircraft Maintenance Area Project (proposed Project)

The LAX West Aircraft Maintenance Area Project (hereafter referred to as the proposed Project) would grade approximately 84 acres in the southwestern portion of the airfield (hereafter referred to as the Project site) and develop approximately 68 acres of the 84 acres with taxiways and aircraft parking apron areas, maintenance hangars, employee parking, service roads, and ancillary facilities (i.e., related storage, equipment and facilities). The proposed Project would be able to accommodate up to 10 Airplane Design Group (ADG) VI aircraft, such as the Airbus A380, or a mix of smaller aircraft on the site.The proposed Project would not increase passenger or gate capacity and would not increase flights and/or aircraft operations at LAX, but would consolidate, relocate, and modernize some existing maintenance facilities and activities.

Specifically, the proposed Project would include:

(1) Aircraft apron for ADG VI aircraft as well as smaller aircraft that may require Remain Overnight (RON) and Remain All-Day (RAD) parking, or those aircraft being serviced at the current aircraft maintenance hangars;

(2) Aircraft maintenance hangar(s), capable of accommodating a wide range of existing aircraft up to and including existing ADG VI aircraft, as well as a maintenance shop and supporting office space within the hangar;

(3) Up to 300 employee parking spaces;

(4) Ancillary facilities (e.g., ground service equipment [GSE], storage and maintenance areas/facilities; aircraft wash racks; RON/RAD kits providing ground power, GSE charging stations, potable water, and pre-conditioned air; a wash rack for aircraft washing operations; necessary utilities and infrastructure; and possibly water storage tank(s) for fire protection);

(5) A storm water detention/infiltration basin and connections to existing adjacent storm drains;

(6) A temporary concrete batch plant and rock crusher would be installed on the site for construction of the proposed Project with removal planned after the final phase of construction (concrete batch plants are permitted on and have been operating on the site in recent years); and,

(7) Extension of Taxiway B and Taxiway C (as Taxilane C) to provide ingress and egress to and from the Project area.

(8) Existing contractor staging yards and associated equipment on the Project site would be phased out or relocated to existing LAX staging areas, such as those located to the south of Westchester Parkway and west of Lincoln Boulevard. Stockpiled materials (consisting of soil and construction rubble) currently existing within and immediately adjacent to the Project site would be re-used on-site as backfill material and/or exported for off-site reuse and/or disposal.

LAX Plan Compliance Review Process:

Prior to issuing any grading, building or use of land permit on the a proposed Project, the Los Angeles City Council must grant an LAX Plan Compliance approval pursuant to the LAX Specific Plan. This approval will be based on recommendations from LAWA's Executive Director and the Board of Airport Commissioners. The Executive Director's recommendation will be included in the Executive Director's Report.

Executive Director's Report (EDR) [+]

Environmental Documents
A) California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

Notice of Preparation (NOP) - PDF Download

Initial Study (IS) - PDF Download

Notice of Extended Public Review Period - PDF Download

Public Scoping Meeting Materials

Notice of Availability - PDF Download

Draft Environmental Impact Report [+]

LAX WAMA Draft EIR - Technical Appendices [+]

Final Environmental Impact Report - PDF Download

B) National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)


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