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VNY Jet Aviation

The Jet Aviation Tenant Improvement Project involves upgrading an existing tenant aircraft support facility, which would result in a full‐service state‐of‐the‐art Fixed Based Operation (FBO) at the Van Nuys Airport (VNY). The FBO would provide the full complement of services permitted by an FBO at VNY including, but not limited, to an FBO hangar, a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) hangar, an FBO terminal, and Airport Operations Area (AOA) and perimeter fencing around the Project site. The Project would be jointly operated by Jet and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation (GAC).


VNY Jet Aviation Under Overview

 Elements of the Project 

  • Fixed Based Operation (FBO) hangar and office space
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) hangar and office space
  • FBO terminal and office space
  • Upgraded ramp, water tower, fire suppression system underground storage tank 
  • Parking lot, landscaping
  • Airport Operations Area (AOA) and perimeter fencing
  • 60,000-gallon fuel farm replacement.



Elements of the Project

Project Objectives
The VNY Jet Aviation Project will:

  • Enhance passenger level of service and satisfaction in the FBO Terminal.
  • The Ramp and Taxi lanes would promote an orderly and safe flow of arriving and departing aircraft as well as allow ingress and egress from the site from either the south or the east.
  • Project Design and Landscaping would consist of a clean and modern design to enhance the surrounding area of the airport. It is also in compliance with the 2016 California Green Building Standards Code (to improve public health, safety and general welfare).



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