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LAX Plan Compliance Review Process:

Prior to issuing any grading, building or use of land permit on the a proposed Project, the Los Angeles City Council must grant an LAX Plan Compliance approval pursuant to the LAX Specific Plan. This approval will be based on recommendations from LAWA’s Executive Director and the Board of Airport Commissioners. The Executive Director’s recommendation will be included in the Executive Director’s Report.

Executive Director's Report (EDR) [+]

LAX MSC EDR - Main Document - PDF Download

  • Attachment 1 - Project Description - PDF Download
  • Attachment 2 - Site Plan - PDF Download
  • Attachment 3 - Draft and Final EIR (Volume 1 - 5), Statement of Overriding Consideration, CEQA Findings & MMRP
    see Environmental Documents Section of webpage (below)
  • Attachment 4 - Stakeholder Liaison's Report - PDF Download
  • Attachment 5 - LAX Traffic Generation Report - PDF Download
  • Attachment 6 - Aviation Activity Report - PDF Download
  • Attachment 7 - LADOT Response Letter - PDF Download
  • Attachment 8 - LA BOE Response Letter - PDF Download
  • Attachment 9 - Transmittal Letters - PDF Download

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Environmental Documents

MSC Notice of Preparation - PDF Download

A Notice of Preparation is a document stating that an Environmental Impact Report will be prepared for the project. It is the first step in the CEQA environmental review process. LAWA has determined that an Environmental Impact Report needs to be prepared for the MSC North Project.

MSC Initial Study - PDF Download

An Initial Study is a preliminary analysis conducted to determine if an Environmental Impact Report must be prepared and to identify areas of environmental effects to be analyzed in the EIR. LAWA has prepared an Inital Study identifying the potential environmental effects of the MSC North Project and MSC Program.


A Draft EIR assessing the potential impacts of the MSC North Project and future phase(s) of the MSC Program has been prepared and is available for public review and comment. LAWA will accept comments on the Draft EIR until 5:00 p.m., April 21, 2014.

2004 LAX Master Plan Alternative D - PDF Download

The LAX Master Plan is a comprehensive development program for Airport properties, including runway and taxiway system modernization, redevelopment of terminal areas, airport access improvement, and passenger safety, security, and convenience enhancements.

Final Environmental Impact Report - PDF Download

MSC Addendum - Remote Transmitter/Receiver
(RTR) Facility - PDF Download

An addendum to the MSC EIR was prepared to assess the relocation of the FAA’s Remote Transmitter Receiver (RTR) Facility to a different location than identified and assessed in the MSC EIR.

MSC Addendum - North Extension and Gateway Facility - PDF Download

An addendum to the MSC EIR was prepared for the northerly extension to the MSC and construction of a “Gateway” facility

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