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Welcome to the Los Angeles Airport Police Division's website. This website is one of the many ways that the division strives to communicate with our community members.

(Los Angeles, California – July 15, 2016) Today as part of the “Securing the Cities” (STC) Program, the Los Angeles Airport Police and representatives from several STC partners invited the media to observe as they conducted a cold interdiction sweep for illicit radiation sources at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

(Los Angeles, California – July 8, 2016) Los Angeles natives Fernando Flores and Takeshi Komiyama are the newest officers to join the ranks of the Los Angeles Airport Police, the nation’s largest aviation police agency with nearly 550 sworn police officers. The addition of Officers Flores and Komiyama continues the Airport Police Division’s (APD) efforts to hire diverse and qualified officers as part of its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the third busiest airport in the nation.

(Los Angeles, California – June 6, 2016) It was a day like any other as Airport Police K-9 Officer Havon McLeod made his way to work.  Driving through the typically busy, Los Angeles afternoon freeway traffic, McLeod noticed cars ahead of him suddenly changing lanes and slowing down as they passed what the K-9 Officer initially thought was a broken down vehicle or traffic accident in the middle of the freeway.  
(Los Angeles, California – June 2, 2016)  The quick response of Airport Police, and the Los Angeles Airport Police Division’s (APD) layered security strategy, stops a murder suspect from being able to breach the Los Angeles International (LAX) perimeter fence and escape.    Around 7:40 p.m., June 1, 2016, Los Angeles Airport Police responded to a call from an airport contract employee of a man who had pointed a handgun at him at Avion Drive and International Road.   

(Los Angeles, California – April 15, 2016) Los Angeles Airport Police swear in a new officer in a ceremony held in downtown Los Angeles.

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