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Landside Operations
LAX Ground Transportation Permit Services 
7301 World Way West, 1st floorLos Angeles, CA 90045 

Transportation Charter Party (TCP) Permit 

More than 3,200 companies and 13,000 transportation charter party (TCP) vehicles are authorized to operate at LAX. All TCP carriers that conduct business at LAX (i.e. pick-up passengers) are required to have a current executed license agreement with the Department of Airports, display a valid vehicle decal and have a functioning Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) transponder affixed to each vehicle.

Operating with an invalid vehicle transponder and/or expired decal are violations of the LAX Commercial Vehicle Rules and Regulations and subject to citation and vehicle impound.  

The LAX Ground Transportation Permit Office is conducting the 2015 Annual Re-decal Process in 6 phases:


Processing Month

Company Name Starts with:


June 2015

# - A


July 2015

B - E


August 2015

F - K


September 2015

L - O


October 2015

P - S


November 2015

T - Z

Re-decal notification letters will be mailed in Phases to all companies that are eligible to complete the 2015 Re-decal Process. During your assigned Phase, please ensure the following requirements are met before coming to the Permit Office:

  1. Insurance is Approved by LAWA Risk Management Division. (
  2. PUC Permit is Active with the California Public Utilities Commission. (
  3. DMV Vehicle registration (s) is current and valid for all vehicles.  Each vehicle must have     commercial registration.
  4. All Annual Administrative Fees are paid up to and including 2015.  The name of the company and TCP Number must be clearly printed on the valid check or money order. No cash payments are accepted.

Refer to your notification letter for the documents required to be submitted to the LAX Permits Office.  Account updates must be submitted on the appropriate forms.  (See Documents and Forms below.)

When all requirements are met, your company vehicle(s) will be issued a 2015/2016 Burgundy Decal, which will expire in the year 2016.  Please be prepared to surrender all previously issued decals to the LAX Permits Office.  

A $20 per month late fee will apply for processing after your assigned Phase.  After the assigned Phase, your current decal(s) will expire and your company may be suspended from operations at LAX. 

It is the responsibility of the company to notify the Permits Office of any changes in contact information. The office is not responsible for undeliverable mail or communications.

Please contact the LAX Ground Transportation Permits Office at (424) 646-6460 or with any questions.

Documents & Forms

Violation of LAX Commercial Vehicle Rules and Regulations 
may result in citation and vehicle impound.