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Contractor Responsibility Program Questionnaire Respondents

Below is a list of respondents to LAWA's Requests for Bids and Requests for Proposals who are required to submit a Questionnaire pursuant to the Contractor Responsibility Program.

Questionnaires submitted by Bidders/Proposers are available for public review and comment at Procurement Services Division, 7301 World Way West, Los Angeles, during the dates indicated below. To schedule an appointment for review, please contact the Procurement Services Division at (424) 646-5380.

Project NameBid NumberCompany NameAddressReview Start DateReview End Date
Terminal Cores, APM Interface RFQ7945Austin Commercial, L.P.6100 CenterDrive,STE1175, LosAngeles,CA 900451/12/20171/26/2017
Terminal Cores, APM Interface RFQ7945Swinerton Builders865 S. FigueroaST,STE3000,LosAngeles,CA 900171/12/20171/26/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Exalt Resources LLC15545 BellflowerBlvd,STEC, CA907061/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Center for Nonprofit Management1000 N. Alameda Street,STE250, LosAngeles,CA 900121/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852CPS HR Consulting241 Lathrop Way,Sacramento,CA 958151/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Inner Work of Work1725 OceanAve,STE132,SantaMonica,CA 904011/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Michael George Price International3355 White Ave,STE501, La Verne, CA 917501/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852New Earth Organization6001 BristolPkwy,STE200,CulverCity,CA 902301/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Rich Corinthian Audio Inc.3556 Corinth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 900661/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Satwic Inc.121 W LexingtonDr,STE602, Glendale,CA912031/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852TMS Business Solutions Inc.PO Box 27, Pasadena, CA 911021/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852True Synergy2325 W. 25thST, Los Angeles, CA 900181/18/20172/1/2017
Food and Beverage for Terminal 7, LAX7749Areas USA LAX, LLC5301 BlueLagoonDr,STE690, Miami,FL 331261/18/20172/1/2017
Terminal Cores, APM Interface RFQ7945Skanska/W.E. O'Neil Joint Venture444 S. Flower Street,STE2200, LosAngeles,CA900711/12/20171/26/2017
Food and Beverage for Terminal 7, LAX7749Host International, Inc. dba HMS Host6905 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, Maryland,208171/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852KH Consulting Group1901 Ave of Stars,STE200, LosAngeles,CA 900671/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852MRS HR, LLC6725 BlucherAve, Van Nuys, CA 914061/18/20172/1/2017
Consent to Assignment to DA-4935 Harris Corporation2235 Monroe Street, Herndon, VA 201711/11/20171/25/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Woodhill Solutions15718 EastwoodAve, Lawndale,CA 902601/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852David Cooper Consulting, Inc.1318 S. OrangeGrove, LosAngeles,CA900191/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Newleaf California LLC27433 TourneyRd,STE120, Valencia, CA 913551/18/20172/1/2017
Terminal Cores, APM Interface RFQ7945Hensel Phelps6033 W.CenturyBlvd,STE1000,LosAngeles,CA900451/12/20171/26/2017
Food and Beverage for Terminal 7, LAX7749Crews of California, Inc.6033 W. CenturyBlvd,STE1110,LosAngeles,CA 900451/18/20172/1/2017
On-Call Professional Coaching Services10041852Insight Strategies, Inc.2340 PlazaDelAmo,STE205,Torrance,CA905011/18/20172/1/2017


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