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1990 ONT Part 150 Study 

On August 20, 1990, pursuant to BOAC Resolution 17102 (approved by BOAC on May 9, 1990), LAWA submitted the ONT Part 150 Study, consisting of the NEM and the NCP, to the FAA for review and approval. The ONT Part 150 was a collaborative effort by LAWA, the City of Ontario, and other affected agencies and organizations concerned with the problem of aircraft noise at ONT. The ONT Part 150 process began in 1982 and culminated with submittal of the Part 150 Study to the FAA in 1990. The NCP recommended 22 Mitigation Measures designed to remedy existing noise problems and prevent future incompatible land uses around ONT. The Mitigation Measures were divided into the seven categories shown below:

  • One (1) Mitigation Measure dealing with the projected aircraft fleet mix at ONT;
  • One (1) Mitigation Measure dealing with the ONT Preferential Runway System;
  • Two (2) Mitigation Measures dealing with ONT airspace use and flight procedures;
  • One (1) Mitigation Measure dealing with airport facilities;
  • Eight (8) Mitigation Measures dealing with land use around ONT;
  • Five (5) Mitigation Measures dealing with program management; and
  • Four (4) Mitigation Measures dealing with the continuation of existing noise control policies.

The entire ONT Part 150 Study that was submitted to the FAA is posted below. It includes the transmittal letter from LAWA to the FAA, the report containing the NCP and the NEM’s, two volumes of appendicies, and a background report. To view the transmittal letter, reports, and appendices, please click on the links below:

On August 23, 1990, the FAA sent a  letter to LAWA acknowledging receipt of the ONT Part 150 Study.

On January 16, 1991, the FAA sent a letter to LAWA requesting additional information and documentation regarding the ONT Part 150 NEM's and NCP.

On March 21, 1991, LAWA submitted to the FAA a letter providing the additional information and documentation requested by the FAA in their January 16, 1991 letter.

On April 2, 1991, the FAA sent a letter notifying LAWA of acceptance of the ONT Part 150 NEMs.  

On October 7, 1991, the FAA issued a Record of Approval (ROA) notifying LAWA that it approved 12 of the 22 proposed noise Mitigation Measures in the NCP. Nine (9) Mitigation Measures were disapproved and one (1) had no action taken as it related to flight procedures. The FAA's approval was deemed to be effective September 27, 1991. All of the approval, 1990 ONT Part 150 Study disapproval, and no action decisions are fully described in the ROA. On October 21, 1991 the FAA published notice of approval of the ONT Part 150 Study NCP in the Federal Register.

On February 23, 1994, LAWA submitted a letter to the FAA requesting reconsideration of disapproved NCP Mitigation Measure 5.4(b), the relocation of Bon View Elementary School. The FAA's disapproval of this item in the ROA was due to the school being located outside the 65 dB CNEL contour shown in the 1990 NEM, and indicated it could be approved with the submission of additional information. By 1993 it was determined that, due to increased operations at ONT, the school was located within the ONT noise impact area.

On June 3, 1994, the FAA issued an amendment to the ROA approving LAWA's request to approve NCP Mitigation Measure 5.4(b), relocation of Bon View Elementary School. The FAA determined that the effective date of this approval was May 24, 1994.