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Background Information


The Background Investigation begins after the Polygraph results

 Visit the link  below for the Personal History Statement (PHS) which will required after the PQE (Essay) is passed.  


  Read all instructions carefully.  

You will be required to complete the PHS and the Release Waiver (Notarized) and turn it in on your scheduled Initial Background appointment date.  It is your responsibility to provide honest and complete answers to each question asked. Any error, even an inadvertent omission, can call your overall level of honesty into question, substantially delay your consideration , and /or compromise your chances of employment altogether and you could be disqualified.


  On the day of your Initial Background appoint the investigator will review your Personal History Statement and will discuss any missing information with you and any issues noted.  You also will be fingerprinted.  

 Based on the information obtained, if it appears that you may meet the City's background standards, your field investigation will be started.  





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