The Northside Plan Update

An Opportunity to Plan for the Future

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) proposes the LAX Northside Plan Update to provide new regulations for future development occurring on the approximately 340 acre site within the LAX Northside sub-area of the LAX Specific Plan. The proposed project would update the Northside Design Guidelines to bring the existing design standards up-to-date; respond to current market realities and stakeholder interests; comply with FAA requirements and regulations, including FAA grant requirements; allow for development of the project site in line with current best-practices in urban design and sustainability; and reinforce the LAX Northside buffer area between LAX and the residential neighborhoods to better serve the Westchester and Playa del Rey communities, the people of Los Angeles, and LAX. Why now? The updated LAX Northside Plan would complement community efforts to revitalize and support local businesses, provide more jobs, meet the needs of the airport and of local groups, and address the growing demand for recreation and amenities for our communities.

The Northside Plan is subject to a number of local, state, and federal regulations and trends, which include:

LAX Master Plan Specific Plan Amendment Study

City of Los Angeles planning regulations govern permissible development
at LAX.

Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA places limits on types of development, on specific uses, on landscaping, and also imposes rules which require fair market value for any future use.

County of Los Angeles

The County requires compatible land uses on properties adjacent to airports.

Environmental Laws

The LAX Northside Plan must and will comply with all applicable California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations.

Market Conditions

Many uses have been proposed for this land over the years. Today’s marketplace is very different from even a few years ago. The final proposal must reflect the demands of current and future economic conditions.

Why is it called the Northside Plan Update?

The land was originally acquired by LAX more than 30 years ago for development between the airport and the adjacent community, and planning began in the 1980’s. The first proposal for the site was called the LAX Northside Plan, which was approved in 1984 for over 4.5 million square feet of commercial development. The current effort to modernize the proposal is known as the LAX Northside Plan Update.