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Office of Support Services
Vacant Assistant Chief of Airport Police 424-646-5605
Carolyn Smith Captain 424-646-6145
Talya Jones Sr. Clerk Typist 424-646-5605
General Office Line   424-646-5582 
General Fax Line   424-646-5698


Vacant Commanding Officer 424-646-5647

Fiscal Unit 

Madeleine Flanagan Sr. Management Analyst I  424-646-5597

Human Resources Liaison Unit 

Lucinda Rezendes Sr. Management Analyst I 424-646-5682

Records Unit 

Chandra Flemister Principal Clerk 424-646-5583
General Office Line   424-646-5583


General Office Line Warehouse 424-646-6173
General Office Fax   310-646-1393
Michelle Irwin Management Analyst II 424-646-6007
Korey Holmes Storekeeper II 424-646-6153

Lost & Found 

General Office Line   424-646-5678
General Office Fax   310-646-4845
Dale Melson Senior Security Officer 424-646-5944

Field Support Unit 

General Office Line   424-646-6200
Michael Edwards Lieutenant 424-646-6146

Airport Response Coordination Center 

General Office Line   424-646-6200
General Office Fax   310-417-0296

Communications (Airport Police Dispatch) Unit 

Police Emergency   310-646-7911
Non-Emergency Line   310-646-4268
Duty Supervisor   310-646-8975
General Fax Line   310-646-0203
Dawn Smith Chief Communications Operator 424-646-8210

Crime Analysis Unit 

General Office Line   424-646-5587
General Office Fax   424-646-9283
Frank Koehler Management Analyst II 424-646-5644
Cephas Sund Management Assistant
Impound Hearings (Non-commercial)
Eleanor Traylor Police Officer
Security Airfield Enforcement (SAFE)

Critical Technology Projects 

Dennis Lau Sergeant 424-646-5649
Danita Phillips Management Analyst II 424-646-6171
General Office Line   424-646-6200

Video Network Unit 

General Office Line   424-646-8211
General Office Fax   310-646-1888

Professional Standards

Greg Staar Captain 424-646-5593

Training & Recruitment Unit 

Robert Rios Lieutenant  424-646-6611
Daniel Romo Sergeant  424-646-5584
Joe Espitia Sergeant 424-646-5584
General Office Line   424-646-5584
General Fax Line   424-646-9282

Internal Affairs Unit 

Vern Williams Lieutenant 424-646-5585
General Office Line   424-646-5585
General Fax Line   424-646-9280

Firing Range

General Office Line   424-646-5670
Mark Kaphoh Sergeant 424-646-5670

Report a Crime
Airport Police Commendation/Comment Form
Office of Operations
Office of Homeland Security
Impound Procedures
New Cars and Motorcycles
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Crime Prevention

i Watch

National Terrorism Advisory System


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Gold Division
6320 West 96th Street Los Angeles, California 90045-5233
For Emergency Call (310) 646 - 7911  ::  For All Other Business Call (310) 646 - 4268
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