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Traffic & Security Services Section

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The Traffic & Security Section officers are responsible for the safe and orderly flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the LAX Central Terminal Area and surrounding perimeter.  This section is also responsible for controlling access to secured airport areas by positioning security officers throughout the airport.  This section provides a high-visibility presence in the Central Terminal Area consisting of civilian and sworn personnel who are on foot patrols, bicycles and motorcycles and in marked and unmarked patrol vehicles.  Officers enforce federally mandated regulations for airfield access and provide alarm response and entry control to restricted access areas in the terminals and at various facilities throughout LAX.

The Traffic & Security Section facilitates the above functions through the following units:

Traffic Control Unit

The Traffic Control Unit is charged with ensuring the safe and efficient movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the Central Terminal Area (CTA).  These officers direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic utilizing appropriate hand signals and/or illuminating devices along the curbs and at intersections or other control points, as needed.  They ensure unattended vehicles parked within the CTA are appropriately addressed and/or removed. 


Office of Operation 3 Office of Operation 3 Office of Operation 3


Traffic Bicycle Unit

The Traffic Bicycle Unit deploys to various locations throughout the Central Terminal Area, effectively and efficiently on bicycles.  Bicycles increase mobility and allows for efficient movement to and through traffic congestion to address traffic build-up and assist during emergencies or unusual occurrences.

  Traffic Bike Unit 1   Traffic Bike Unit 2  

Commercial Enforcement Unit

The Commercial Enforcement Unit's (CEU's) mission is to enhance the safety of travelers who use commercial ground transportation at LAX.  CEU officers assist allied agencies with enforcing rules and regulations governing all transportation of persons and property; inspect vehicle and work locations of commercial vehicles doing business on LAX property; investigate traffic collisions that occur within LAWA's jurisdiction; enforce parking regulations and L.A. City Department of Transportation rules and regulations pertaining to franchised taxi cabs operating in and around the airport.  The unit provides support to the Dignitary Protection Unit as needed, and assists Patrol Services Section within the Central Terminal Area.  The unit also enforces all solicitation ordinances; conducts plain-clothes details to target illegal "for hire" operators who solicit passengers; and periodically conducts commercial vehicle inspections with various agencies.  This unit also  supervises Operation Safe Entry, a program that randomly inspects vehicles entering LAX.


Commercial Enforcement Unit 1   Commercial Enforcement Unit 2   Commercial Enforcement Unit 3  


Motorcycle Unit

The Motorcycle Unit's mission is to manage vehicular traffic which includes creating an orderly flow of traffic; reducing the number of injury traffic collisions and property damage; ensuring safe and secure vehicular travel within LAX.  Motorcycle Unit officers issue citations for equipment and parking violations; direct traffic; investigate traffic collisions; provide support at special events, including labor protests and demonstrations; provide a high-visibility uniform presence in the Central Terminal Area and the surrounding perimeter of LAX; provide rapid response to emergency law enforcement incidents; assist the Dignitary Protection Unit upon request; and support Patrol Services Section personnel as necessary.


Motorcycle Unit   Motorcycle Unit 2   OO Motorcycle Picture 3


Security Access Control Unit

The Security Access Control Unit's mission is to control access to secured areas by positioning personnel at multiple locations throughout LAX, while providing efficient service to airport users.  This unit enforces federally mandated regulations regarding airfield access and provides alarm response and entry control to restricted areas.  The Security Access Control Unit also controls access to various facilities throughout LAX, which include inspections of both personnel and vehicles entering restricted areas.


Office of Operation 1   Office of Operation 1  



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