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Office of Homeland Security & Intelligence

Ethel McGuire Assistant Chief of Police 424-646-8200
Mario Patrick Captain 424-646-5631
Karen Schulz Lieutenant 424-646-5688
Angelique Smith      Secretary 424-646-5046
Nancy Ramirez Sr. Clerk Typist 424-646-8221
General Office Line   424-646-8200
General Office Fax   424-646-9237

Canine Unit 

General Office Line   424-646-6611
Edward Trahan Lieutenant 424-646-6611
Heriberto Gonzalez Sergeant 424-646-6611
Floyd Johnson Sergeant 424-646-6611
Abel Torres Sergeant 424-646-6611

Dignitary Protection Unit 

Tarek Azmy Sergeant 424-646-6210
General Office Line Officer's   424-646-6100

Emergency Services Unit 

Luis Silva Sergeant 424-646-6100
Steven Balandran Sergeant 424-646-6100
General Office Line   424-646-6100

Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit 

Chris Azevedo Sergeant 424-646-8225
General Office Line Officers   424-646-8222

Security Credential Section (Badge Office) 

Glenn Cabrea Commanding Officer 424-646-5567
Daniel Gentry Assist Commanding Officer 424-646-5502
Kayley King Admin. & Projects Unit 424-646-5517
Janice Austin Finger Print Administration 424-646-5968
C. Renee McMullen Enrollment & Contract Management 424-646-5504
Mario Morales Badging 424-646-5503
Carmina Martin      Regulatory & Audit Coordination 424-646-5508     
Kenneth Sinclair Security Access Analysis Unit 424-646-5506
Ronald  Spragin      Adjudication & Confidential Records Unit 424-646-5533
General Office Line        424-646-5500
General Office Line (Internal LAWA & APD)   424-646-5501
General Office Fax   424-646-9272

Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis Unit 

Keith Arnold Sergeant 424-646-8229
General Office Line    424-646-8228
General Office Fax   424-646-9238
Deirdre Williams Management Analyst II 424-646-8240
Asha Adkins Management Assistant 424-646-8238
DeKonda Russell Sr. Clerk Typist 424-646-8241
Lizzie Johnson Clerk Typist 424-646-8239

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6320 West 96th Street Los Angeles, California 90045-5233
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